Dewater Filter Press Srl. designs & manufactures Filter Presses in their facility in Italy. They serve the requirements of several industries such as mining, mineral processing, metallurgical, chemical & industrial wastewater treatment industries. Dewater has specific expertise in high-capacity mining tailings & concentrate filtration applications.
Dewater filter presses have a simple & robust design, modern engineering, and innovative technology to deliver each client a reliable dewatering performance. Dewater has a wide range of filter presses which can be tailor made for specific application and process requirements.

Dewater HP 4x4 Filter Presses

  • Overhead beam 4x4 Pull to close design
  • High Performance FAST Filter Press
  • Very high filtration capacity at smaller footprint
  • Fully automatic operation with SMART automation

Dewater SP Filter Presses

  • Side beam push to close design
  • High to medium capacity
  • Suitably designed for a diverse range of applications
  • Customized fully automatic to automatic operation

Major Applications

  • Ore concentrates filtration
  • Tailings Management
  • Filter presses for metal refineries

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