Metals can be a huge problem to any manufacturing facility, creating production problems, destruction to machinery, affecting product purity.  In addition tramp metals can be a safety hazard to workers and to consumers of products.

Bunting Magnetics provides the best available equipment to detect and remove ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We assist all industries to protect equipment and personnel as well as keep products pure.


Plate magnets are available in flat or in stepface configurations which are designed to capture metal and prevent material 'wash-off'.

Cartridges are single round or square bar magnets which can be mounted in strategic locations to capture entrained trap metal.

Grate magnets consist of multiple round or square bars. Options include baffle plates which are designed to slow material down and increase exposure to magnetic surfaces for greater capture.

Wedge magnets are mounted inside a chute or at a discharge area in such a way that metal is captured and held securelyas material cascades over the wedge.


Drawer magnets are fitted with rows of cartridges. These can be single or multiple layer to increase the ability to capture tramp metal. Release of capture metal is accomplished by withdrawing the rows of cartridges sideways through wiper sleeves. This can be manual or automated with the addition of a pneumatic actuator.

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