Triton Innovation, LLC is a provider of wash down and stainless steel conveyors, container (cart) dumpers, and specialty products designed to meet the needs of food processing operations. Our equipment’s capabilities extend from raw ingredients through packaged ready to eat product.


Triton Innovation has a very versatile box dumper product line for a magnitude of applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. An efficient, reliable, ergonomic and sanitary method for dumping many types of containers. Available in a broad range of load capacities from under 500 lbs to over 10,000 lbs, including numerous dumping heights to choose from. Optional safety enclosures help keep personnel at a safe distance while the dumper is in motion. Front or side loading capabilities allow us to handle various container types. Fixed position or automated hold downs keep containers in place while being dumped. Sensors can be used for automated controlled flow dumping if an all-at-once or manually controlled dump is not desirable. Floor level is standard, however loading dock level dumping is also available, making loading waste compactors much easier. Using a Triton Innovation dumper in your facility can provide a more ergonomic environment and increase productivity.


INTRALOX AIM (Active Integrated Motion) technology revolutionizes tray pack handling by enabling automation in washdown environments. Competing technologies or labor cannot provide the comprehensive benefits of maximum throughput, line flexibility, and gentle product handling that AIM delivers.
AIM technology is designed specifically to perform in washdown environments and optimized for cleaning and sanitation processes. Stainless steel sheet metal frame construction and industry-specific engineering make it a robust, cleanable, safe, and low maintenance piece of equipment.