Extrusion Lines For Medical Devices and Life Sciences

The Medical Device & Life Sciences Industries are amongst the most demanding in the World in terms of quality, consistency and product traceability. It therefore imperative that the extrusion machinery used in the manufacturing process must be of the highest quality. Boston Matthews has designed and manufactured extrusion machinery to the medical industry for more than 45 years including specialized turn-key applications as: 

PS (Styrene) Pipette Tubes
Single & Multi Lumen Tubing
Burette Tubing
Bubble ‘Bump’ Tubing
FEP/PFA Canula
PVC Clear & Frosted Tubing for Catheters etc
Blood Bags
Multi-Layer Tubing (including Radio Opaque)
Polyurethane & Nylon Tubing
Peristaltic Tubing


Dedicated and long term experience

Boston Matthews has over 50 years extrusion and processing experience and fully understand it is essential when manufacturing medical devices that precision, accuracy and consistency is guaranteed at all times.
The latest technology is incorporated throughout every element of the extrusion line including AC, Servo and PLC technology for complete control, consistency and accuracy at every stage of this critical production operation.
Boston Matthews Medical Extrusion Lines are designed and manufactured for operation within clean-room environments.
Brushless direct-Drive AC Technology operation for the elimination of static and dust whilst the extensive use of stainless steel and non-corrosive components ensures contamination is prevented. All areas of Boston Matthews Medical Extrusion Lines are easily accessible for quick and easy cleaning.
Boston Matthews has extensive experience of multi-layer extrusion ensuring the layers are produced with correct thickness and ovality.
Jockey Extruders are easy to position for exact alignment and small flow adapters further enhances tube quality.

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