Gravity Separation systems provide an opportunity to increase recovery of minerals utilizing little or no energy.
For over 110 years, Deister Concentrator has been one of the leading manufacturers of equipment for the mineral, coal processing, and waste water industries.
Besides the lab size shaking tables, Deister Concentrator also manufactures and sells single, double, and triple deck concentrating tables as well as a complete line of heavy media and classifying cyclones, sieve bends, heated screens, and hydraulic classifiers.
From gold, tin, iron ore, coal, silica sands, mineral sands, and other fine minerals, we deliver a wide range of equipment worldwide for mineral recovery and metal separation to get the job done on budget and on time.


Deister Concentrating Tables are designed primarily for the concentration of a variety of minerals including, but not restricted to; iron, tungsten, chrome, tin, copper, gold, mercury, tantalum, silver and lead. Other applications include recovery of values from slags, drosses, and sweepings. They are also used in the treatment of clay and in the removal impurities from glass sand.
Deister Concentrating tables have been shown to outperform virtually any other concentrating tables on the market today. Their rhomboidal shape, ease of operation, and low maintenance makes the suspended Deister tables the most economically sound choice for ore concentrating tables in today's market.
Deister Concentrating tables are available in floor mount or suspended mount configurations. Tables are available in laboratory, single, double and triple deck configurations.
Shaker table gold separation
Gravity separation table for minerals


Heavy media cyclones
Deister Heavy Media Cyclones provide a low-cost, low-maintenance solution to efficient recovery of hard-to-separate materials such as those that have similar specific gravities. This translates to greater profits using Deister Cyclones.
Curved sieve bends
Classifying cyclones
Deister Classifying Cyclones provide a low-cost, low-maintenance solution to efficient classification of difficult-to-size materials. Hydraulic classification improves the performance of concentration equipment. This translates to greater profits using the Deister Cyclones.
Constriction plate classifiers
The Deister CPC Constriction Plate Classifier can size sand or finely crushed ore to meet market specifications. The most common use of our CPC is to classify feed for a battery of concentrating tables. This will optimize recovery and grade.
The Deister Sieve Bend classifies or dewaters feed to vibrating screens and improves the screen's efficiency. It also allows for pre-drainage ahead of the drain-and-rinse screen in a heavy media cyclone circuit. The reversible turning ability of the Deister Sieve Bend promotes longer screen life. This in turn means lower overall cost savings for the customer.
The Deister designed feed boxes allow for full-width feeding which maximizes capacity and efficiency.
Self propelled rotary pulp distributors
Deister Self-Propelled Feed Distributors are designed to accurately divide a stream of pulp into a predetermined number of parts that are quantitatively and qualitative equal. These distributors are ideal for feeding a battery of Deister mineral concentrating tables or other processing devices