GRIP represents a suite of well-known equipment manufacturers who are located in Canada and the USA.  
Boston Matthews extruders and downstream equipment for the plastics industry.
Boston Matthews invented the Caterpillar Take-Off and with many thousands of units in daily operation throughout the world the Boston (or Farris) is the No.1 Puller in the USA and in the World. Equipment manufactured by Boston Matthews includes plastics extruders, coilers, winders, trimmers and conveying equipment.
Serving the Plastics Industry since 1953.
Bunting Magnetics provide equipment to separate and recycle ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
Deister Concentrator - shaker tables, hydraulic classifiers, rotary distributors, heavy-media cyclones, classifying cyclones, multi-clones, curved sieve screens
For over 110 years, Deister Concentrator has been one of the leading manufacturers of gravity separation equipment such as shaker tables, cyclones, curved sieves, hydraulic classifiers, rotary distributors and lab flotation columns for the mineral, coal processing, and waste water industries.
Advanced water treatment systems that remove iron, manganese, arsenic, radium, hydrogen sulfide, nitrate, sodium and color for municipal, government and industrial facilities worldwide.
Thayer - Belt scales, weigh belt feeders, loss-in-weight feeder, volumetric feeder, bridge breaker
Thayer Scale is the pioneering developer of continuous weighing and feeding equipment for the dry solids conveying and processing industries. Our equipment provides that rare combination of precision measurement and extreme reliability in a wide variety of industries and markets. Weigh feeders, belt conveyor scales and bin flow-aid devices.
Vulcan Iron Works, located in Louisville, KY a brand of Industrial Kiln & Dryer Group, is a supplier of complete Chemical Feed Systems.